Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Thing 23

I learned so much from this experience. Alot of the "things" were really fun and I created a lot cute stuff. I don't consider myself to be very technonlogically savvy, therefore I am very proud of myself for completing all 23 activities. I feel much more confident about using google docs for my final presentation. I look foward to using the Mosaic Maker in the future. My proudest moment came when I embedded the video from YouTube into my blog and it actually played when I clicked on it.

Thing 22

I'm not a fan of social networking sites (My Space and Facebook) due to some of the content people chose to post. I chose to click on Nings for Teachers which took me to Teacher Lingo. This is a great site for teacher to socialize. All of the Nings that I looked at seemed very professional in nature. I couldn't locate anyone that I actually knew on the site.

Thing 21

Photo Story is a great product and I think my students could use it for their final product on some research assignmnets. I went through the online demo and looked at a lot of finished products, but I didn't create my own. The site required me to download a lot of stuff and I'm already having some problems with the computer that houses my Circulation system, therefore, I have some concerns. I think this program could be very useful for my students, but I have some questions for my CTS before I download it onto all the computers in my library.

Thing 20

I am very familar with YouTube and TeacherTube, but this is the first time I have ever embedded a video.

Thing 19

OMG! Where do I begin. This is a great list of wonderful sites. I chose music because those are the types of sites my kids always ask to go to when they are in the library for free time. I went to Pandora. I really liked the way you can select an individual song, a certain artist or a genre of music. I am a little concern about students access to songs with inappropriate lyrics. I couldn't think of a song off the top of my head to check because I don't listen to that type of music, but I will check that aspect of the site out before I allow my students to access the site.

Thing 18

Thing 18 was very educational for me - meaning I feel these are tool I can use as a student here at UHCL to enhance my own learning. As a librarian I am constantly searching for tools to enhance my students learning. I truly believe in the concept of being a "lifelong learner" so the discovery of OpenOffice.org excites me. I am currently working with the Google docs program for the Final Presentation.

Thing 17

Rollyo is another tool that I had no experience with. It is super easy to use. I did a quick practice search using the topic - Polar Bears. The list of sites and information that the search produced were excellent! This is a great tool for students needing research information. Everything looked very safe for students and the quality of the hits were excellent.